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Festivals 2017

Big Love Festival once again a fantastic festival, a great time was had
volunteering and dancing. I don't remember much about the Sunday, due
to sleeping for most of it. I took a few pics, which can be found online
Nozstock 2017 Another Nozstock festival has been and gone, and what a
fantastic one it was.
Highlights for me included Lost Tuesday Society, Disco Panther, The Sugarhill Gang, Sola Rosa Soundsystem, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Happy Mondays, Tribe of Frog and Clik Clik Collective, plus not forgetting the main stage DJ.... Neil
Photos are up online at
Truefest 2017 was amazing, seeing Junior Bill on stage was just fantastic, as well as Chain Scar Brasica. Another thing that made the festival amazing was the arrival of DJ Duo 'TWOGOOD' who crash landed on to the campsite, and did one amazing DJ set in the hall. The other volunteers were amazing to work alongside as well.
See photos online at
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